Make Elektronik - Bauteilset 3

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Make: Elektronik
Bauteilset Nr. 3

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Make: Elektronik
Bauteilset Nr. 3

5x 5mm LED rot
5x 5mm LED grn
5x 5mm LED gelb
15 5mm LED rot Low-Current
2x Schiebeschalter
8x Taster, 6x6mm
1x Trimmer 25K
1x Trimmer 100K
4x 1N4148
2x Diode 1N4007
2x PN2222 Transistor
1x LM7805 Spannungsregler
4x 555 IC Timer
3x LED Display
3x 4026B Zhler
1x 74HC393N Zhler
1x 74HC00N 2-Input NAND Quad
1x 74HC08N 2-Input AND Quad
1x 74HC32N 2-Input OR Quad
1x 74HC02N 2-Input NOR Quad
1x 74HC27N 3-Input NOR Triple
10x 47 Ohm Widerstand
10x 100 Ohm Widerstand
10x 150 Ohm Widerstand
10x 220 Ohm Widerstand
10x 330 Ohm Widerstand
10x 470 Ohm Widerstand
10x 680 Ohm Widerstand
10x 1K Ohm Widerstand
10x 2.2K Ohm Widerstand
15x 10K Ohm Widerstand
10x 47K Ohm Widerstand
10x 100K Ohm Widerstand
10x 330K Ohm Widerstand
10x 1M Ohm Widerstand
10x 0.01F Kondensator
10x 0.022F Kondensator
10x 0.47F Kondensator
10x 0.1F Kondensator
10x 0.33F Kondensator
10x 1F Kondensator
5x 3.3F Kondensator
5x 10F Kondensator
1x 22F Kondensator
2x 68F Kondensator
2x 100F Kondensator

Shipping weight: 0,18 Kg
Dimensions ( length width height ): 23,50 15,50 4,80 cm
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