Services for educational institutions

  • Compilation of individual class room kits
  • Special procurement of components
  • Special discounts and invoice payment

EMS - Electronic Manufacturing Service

  • Customized assortment of electronics sets or development kits
  • In-house production of PCBs with own pick&place - we can manufacture your open-source project with SMD/THT parts
  • Hardware assembly
  • Mechanical processing with: 
    • CNC milling machine
    • CO2 lasercutter
    • UV direct printer (for nearly all materials)
  • Fullfilment service with packaging and shipping from our warehouse in Leinefelde (Germany)
  • Assistance on crowdfunding projects, for the following projects we made the manufacturing:


  • Shop for open-source hardware and development kits, please contact us by mail for product suggestions
  • Worldwide shipping from our warehouse in Leinefelde (Germany)

Please contact us via eMail for information.