Paperino - A micro ePaper with accelerometer

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Modern ePaper displays (EPDs) combine cutting edge technology with the known, century-old experience of paper. They can display text and graphics without any power, which makes them ideal for ultra-low power and battery driven projects. However, integrating an ePaper display into your project can be complex due to the need for several high voltages and waveforms. Paperino simplifies driving ePaper displays with clean, simple, and short script examples. This lets makers of all ages - from kids learning Arduino, to engineers and developers building with Particle, use ePapers for their next project!

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A plug and play shield for the Particle family allows you to start playing with your Paperino using your own Photon, Electron, or Bluz without manual wiring.

Alternatively, a breakout board can be used to connect other Arduino-compatible micro-controllers with 3.3 V outputs and sufficient SRAM. It fits into breadboards, can stand up vertically, or can be screwed into your own individual housing.

How is Paperino Different?
A variety of unique features sets Paperino apart from the competition:

- Glass-free Display
Paperino is lightweight and thinner than other ePaper products because it uses a glass-free ePaper display from Plastic Logic.
Itweighs 1.2 grams and is only 0.5 mm thick.

- Supports Four Gray Levels
Unlike many other ePaper products out there, Paperino can support four gray levels instead of two (black and white).

- Fast, Partial Updates
You don’t have to wait for slow, full screen updates to load. With Paperino, you can quickly update only parts of the screen.

- Accelerometer
The integrated accelerometer lets you interact with your Paperino in all sorts of ways, including tap sensing. Tap sensing capability can
trigger screen updates or wake up your microcontroller.

Features & Specifications:

Paperino supports the UC8156-based ePaper display from Plasticlogic and Accelerometer BMA250E from Bosch. Communication for both devices is based on SPI/3.3 V. The Paperino shield is plug-and-play compatible with Photon, Electron and Bluz. The Paperino breakout board can be used for manually wiring your favourite, Arduino-compatible microcontroller with 3.3 V and >4kb of free RAM.

  • Resolution: 148 x 70 px
  • Pixel density: 150 ppi
  • Grey levels: 4
  • Weight: 1.2 g
  • Thickness: 500 m
  • Power consumption: 4.5 mA (mean current for typical image update)
  • Operating conditions: 0C .. 40C
  • Storage conditions: -25C .. 50C

Shipping weight: 0,01 Kg
Dimensions ( length width height ): 4,50 4,50 1,50 cm
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