TMC2209 SilentStepStick

31.07.2019 12:00

Since some days the brand new TMC2209 SilentStepStick was released. It combines the features from the TMC2130 and TMC2208 with a better MosFet (lower RDSon)


  • Hardware compatible with StepStick and Pololu A4988
  • Drive capability up to 1.7A (RMS) continuous coil current - 2.8A Peak
  • Step/Dir interface with microstep interpolation (up to 256 microsteps)
  • Configuration via CFG pins or UART interface
  • stealthChop2 - for quiet operation and smooth motion
  • spreadCycle - highly dynamic motor control chopper (enableable via UART, OTP, CFG Pin)
  • coolStep - current control for energy savings
  • stallGuard4 - sensorless motor load detection